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Coronatest & Travel Certificates

Drive In / Drop in and bookable

Clinics with answers the same day




We perform Covid-19 tests (PCR and Antigen tests) and issue certificates that you can use when traveling, among other things. Please note that we only test people without symptoms of Covid infection.

We want you to feel safe when you use our services. We are under IVO's supervision. We use a laboratory accredited / approved by the Swedish Public Health Agency and you can always verify your certificate. For more info press here. 

PCR test with certificate

From SEK 1490

Test answer the same evening (please see response times below)

Antigen test with certificate

 From SEK 550

Test response within 1 hour (often faster)

Vaccination certificate

  599 DKK

Certificate within 3 hours

When will I receive my test result?

Test answers the same day on weekdays. Other times please see below. 

No Social Security number?

No, problem you can order a test anyway! Please see our Q&A at the bottom of the page for more info or chat / with our customer support (in english).

Support around the clock

We pride ourselves on always being available to you with either a nurse or a doctor. We know how important it is for our customers!


Estimated response times:


Antigen test:

Response time within 1 hour

PCR test:                                  

Monday Friday sampling before 10:00 Answer the same evening (18-24)
sampling after 10:00 Answer the next day before 12:00
Arlanda sampling before 09:00 Answer the same evening
sampling after 09:00 Answer day in the evening
Friday after 09:00 Answer Sunday before 12 noon
Uppsala sampling before 10:00 Answer the same evening 
sampling after 10:00 Answer the next day in the evening
Friday after 10:00 Answer Sunday before 12 noon
Saturday regardless of the time of day  Answer the next day before 12:00.
Sunday   regardless of the time of day Answer Monday before 23:00
Red Day
regardless of the time of day Answer the next day before 23:00





Clinics and Drive-in stations

Open every day (closed Sundays Malmö)

Easy to get to on foot at our Drive In stations

Red days: Longer response times. Answer midnight the next day. 

Stockholm - Mörby Centrum (Drive-In) - The gravel parking lot


Gamla landsvägen 30, 182 33 Danderyd


It is also possible to walk to this test station.


Mörby Drive In

Opening hours

Regular times:

Day Open Certificate is calculated clearly
Mon- Fri 07-10.30 The same evening around midnight

The next day before 12.00


Saturday 09-16 The next day before 12.00
Sunday 09-16 Around midnight the next day (Mon)


Contact us

Day: 0107500669

Stockholm - Östermalm- Nybrogatan 61

Nybrogatan 61, 114 40 Stockholm

Opening hours: Estimated response time:

Mon-Fri 07.00: 08.30-18: 24 Same evening around (XNUMX-XNUMX)

Mon-Fri 17.30-19.30 the day after before 12

Sat 10.00-15.00 Sunday before 12 noon

Sun 10.00-14.00 Monday evening (18-24)

Contact us

Jour: 010 -750 0669

Uppsala- Radison Blue Hotel

Radison Blue Hotel, Stationsgatan 4, 753 40 Uppsala

Antigen test: Answer within an hour



Day Open Certificate Clearly calculated
Mon -Fre 08-10 The same evening around midnight
  10-14 The day after 18-24
Saturday 09-15 Sunday before 12 noon
Sunday 09-15 Monday before 18-24


Contact us

Jour: 010 -750 0669

Södertälje- Wedavägen 2c

Weda Clinics

Weda Dental Clinic, Wedavägen 2c



Opening hours

Mon-Fri at 18.00 -20.30 The day after before 12

Sat 12.00-14500 Sunday before 12

Sun (Red day) at 12.00-15.00 Monday 18-24


Day: 010- 750 0669


We offer testing via Drive-In & Clinics

How and when you want

Test yourself at the clinic

Come to one of our clinics and get tested. Book an appointment or just come by!

Test yourself on Drive In

Why make it complicated?
You drive forward and crank down the window after which we test you - of course!

Book an appointment or come by!

This is how it works:

Choose the type of test you want to take

We offer PCR tests, antigen tests, and express tests. You can choose to get a certificate for all tests. You can use the certificates for employers or to travel with. The certificates are in English, have a QR code and contain information about which test you performed and the outcome of this.

Book an appointment or come to Drop In

Choose which clinic you want to test yourself at. You can prepare the visit by filling out the form we send you. You pay on the spot with swish, card or Klarna


When it's time, you are welcome to our test site. Please note that it is important that you are healthy at the time of sampling. It all takes about 5 minutes.

Do not forget to bring a passport / driver's license.

Test results digitally

We will send an email with your test result / Certificate. The certificate is in English.


This company is run by healthcare professionals

We have extensive experience of providing safe, high-quality care. 


Certificate adapted to international requirements.

We keep our certificates updated according to what is required internationally


Accredited laboratory

Our laboratories are established and approved by the Swedish Public Health Agency. See link at the bottom of the page.


We are registered with IVO

This means that we are under their transparency and there are requirements that we maintain a high level of patient safety.


Therese Varre Almesjö

Operations manager and licensed doctor

Welcome to Birga Care! I am a doctor and responsible for the medical process. I hope you are happy with our services!

Feel free to contact me if you have any thoughts!


Read more about how it works

Where can I take my test?

You can come and take the test at one of our clinics that we collaborate with or you can come to our Drive In which is located in Mörby Centrum and in Malmö.

See below for a summary of our test stations and where they are located.

Here we are / Our locations

How / where do you get your test result certificate?

When you book your time, enter your details and send them to us. We will send your certificate to you via email to the email address you submit with your details.

Can you be tested if you have symptoms?

No, we do not test those who have symptoms because you need a negative test result to get a travel certificate.

What do you have to take with you when you are tested?

Everyone who is to be tested (children and adults) must bring their passports.

What is the difference between PCR tests and Antigen tests?

A PCR test gives a result response of 99,7%

An antigen test gives a result response of 97,2%

However, you need to check what applies to the country you are traveling to, as some countries do not accept antigen tests.


Where do you contact us?

You can reach us by Mail:

You can reach us by phone: 010-750 0669.


Do you need a Swedish social security number?

No, you do not need that. Just bring your passport to your booked time.

Do you need a car for Drive in?

No, it's okay to come without a car.

Contact us

We answer every day of the week. Do not hesitate to get in touch!


+010 750 06 69

Chat with us